My first love was writing. I started writing online content as a junior in high school. Since then, I’ve written content for various websites, apps, and companies. Currently, I am a project manager (and occasional content writer) at BigNose Production, Inc. I write for Trip 101, where my articles on travel and accommodation are published monthly.

I love to learn new skills and explore all sorts of disciplines. In fact, it was when I was an Art Studies major in college that I discovered web development. I am still learning the ropes of HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Laravel, and WordPress development, but I am enjoying the process very much! You can view some of my sample works here.

In my spare time, I also like to make simple illustrations/animation using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. Check them out on my Instagram here! I’d love to work with you! If you have any ideas that I can help bring to life, let’s connect!